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Wednesday, 22 Feb 2023
NEW ALBUM OUT NOW – Liam Gerner & Los Perros Perdidos – say Toodeloo Tuvalu



Hi folks we have a new album for you

say Toodeloo Tuvalu is a downhome album we recorded it in Melbourne at Tech Noir in 2 days with my band Los Perros Perdidos (The Lost Dogs) all live in a room, no headphones or overdubs. What you hear is what went down as we played these songs. I love the intimacy and immediacy of this way of recording – it was how Hank Williams and Muddy Waters and even Nick Lowe recorded and its why those records sound so timeless: the singer, the musicians and the songs.

When I was in Nashville I got to discuss songwriting with the late, great Tom T. Hall and I’m following his observation of listening and observing and so shaping songs like short stories. I try not to be a navel gazing singer-songwriter! For example, I was at Mardi Gras in New Orleans and a hurricane hit so everyone took shelter in a bar and there I got talking to a tough old Cajun. He told me how if anyone caused trouble out in the swamps then they didn’t call the cops, no, they served up what he called ‘alligator justice’. OK, now I had to write a song inspired by that! Several songs came from my adventures while playing in Arnhem Land including being a bit Kenny Keen to go solo camping and getting rescued.

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