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Sunday, 07 Nov 2021
New Video – The Swagmen’s Rest


‘The Swagman’s Rest’ is a poem by Banjo Paterson I turned it into a song and now here it is as a filmclip. Tobias Titz filmed this quite unexpectedly while on Banjos childhood farm Illalong, NSW. 


A massive thanks to all these fantastic people involved in creating this recording and clip:



Lucky Oceans – Pedal steel

Salianna Seven Campbell – Nyckelharpa

Daniel Farrugia – Drums, percussion

Ben Franz – upright bass

Gavin Fitzjohn – horns (french horn, trumpet)



And a huge thanks to editors Josetxu Zuazu

Image Post production: Joaquin Jordan@testarudstudio


Polaroids, photos & cinematography: Tobias Titz 


Drawings: Laura Johnston


Mixed by Dani Castelar, Spain, Mastered by Pablo Schuller

Recorded by Roger Bergodaz, Union Street Studios, Melbourne

Special Thanks to Mike and Rebecca Grogan at Illalong farm NSW for their kind hospitality and delicious chutney


taken from ‘The Bulletin Debate’ Henry Lawson vs Banjo Paterson album by Liam Gerner w Luke Moller